who is melano?

You are and we make jewellery for your personality. We make sure that every piece of jewellery you want to wear always suits you. Melano jewellery fits every moment, every outfit and every style so no matter the occasion or outfit, you'll always find our stones combine endlessly to make unique beautiful combinations that separates us from the rest.

the story of melano

It all started in a cozy village centre in the south of the Netherlands. A cozy little shop at home with gifts, interior and jewellery. The idea for the interchangeable piece of jewellery  arose after a customer returned with a broken ring: The stone had broken off. Dramatic for most, of course, a source of inspiration for them! 


Melano inspires women to express themselves as they are. There are no safe choices, only your personal taste, mood, feeling and mood count. Know the key to a good wardrobe is versatility. Always having the perfect Jewellery piece to effortlessly switch looks day to night; from off-duty street style to sexy, feminine and glam, is what we’re known for. A girls gotta have Options!

my love of Jewellery started at an early age…

Yes, I was one of those girls who from the age of 2 always played with my mum’s jewellery. I loved the way they sparkled and they way they made me feel, and I still do!

In 2012 Melano Australia on the Northern Beaches NSW started at home and then slowly took over the entire home, even my children had to watch as their bedrooms were slowly taken over by desks, printers, computers and the warehouse.

Melano's history has already been written. The jewellery brand has grown into an international phenomenon.  Melano is an established world known name.