Unique jewellery with gold and rose gold IP plating and polished high grade stainless steel with European crystals means you get the looks and quality you want without the high price point. Allowing you to add to your collection more often.

FAQ- Is this your first addition to our Collection? Then you are at the beginning of a nice collection. Melano wants you to show yourself as you are. But nobody has the same look every day, so check melanojewellery.com.au  every now and then for inspiration.

We also wish you a very long time to enjoy your jewellery. Hence the following usage instructions: Avoid contact with (hard) surfaces to prevent scratches and dents. So do not wear the jewellery if you have to work, play sports, paint, model, build bricks, disassemble an engine or do other kinds of manual work. Do not wear the jewellery when you are active, for example when you exercise, and you may perspire. Avoid contact with water and contact with chemicals such as hairspray, cleaning agents, perfume, lotions or shower gel. So do not wear the jewellery when you do the housework, go swimming, sailing, or take a cold shower. Only clean your jewellery using a clean cloth with lukewarm water, without chemical additives. Do you have a threaded piece of jewellery? Tighten the stones well every day and check whether the rubber ring is still around the screw thread.

Can I interchange setting tops with each Collection?

NO.. Each Collection is only Interchangeable within its own Collection for example;  A Twisted Collection setting top is only interchangeable with a Twisted Collection ring base.  A Vivid Collection setting top is only interchangeable with a Vivid Collection ring base.

What metals do you offer?
MelanO jewellery is stainless steel jewellery plated in rose gold, gold, stainless steel & black. Cateye Collection is 925 Sterling Silver.

What is CZ?
CZ is short for Cubic Zirconia  – All CZ stones are Cubic Zirconia. Gem stones are semi precious gem stones.

What is the difference between the different finishes?
High shine is a very shiny, polished finish. Matte is a more discrete, brushed finish.

Which stones do you offer?
There are between 5 and 34 colours in each stone class
We’ve also sourced a number of larger gems, Swarovski Crystal and zirconia’s for use in pendants and rings. 

How do I know my ring size?

If you’re deliberating from one size to the other, MelanO’s suggests going with the bigger size.  Comfort is the No. 1 priority, so a looser fit is always better.  We have a ring sizer you can purchase. Alternatively, please contact us.

What is plating?
Plating is the process of coating a metal in another colour, it’s a great way to get that special and different look for less. We ensure we have the thickest plating possible on our items, to help them last longer, but plating does come with some risks – please read below.

A plated jewellery item is subject to wear and tear over time. How often you wear your plated jewellery item will impact how long the item will last too. For example, a ring that you wear every day, and which may come into frequent contact with a variety of surfaces, will be more affected than a pendant worn for a few hours once a week.  Additionally, plating is affected by the chemical composition of each person’s skin – some people have more acid in their skin than others, which may accelerate plating loss. It’s impossible to say how long a plated item will last as everyone’s body – and the way they wear their item – is so different. While we plate each item as thickly as possible, and put a special lacquer over the top to assist in keeping the plate in place, we are not responsible for and will not accept any item for re-plating.

How close are these images on the website to the actual item?
All items shown on screen are a representation only and the actual jewellery  may vary to the represented images. The images on screen are to scale in relation to each other but are not to scale in comparison to real life. Where possible, we have provided the item’s measurements to help you assess the item size.

The colour of the actual stones may vary too from the represented image on screen; this is a result of stone supply and out of our control. We will use reasonable endeavour to ensure the actual stones colour resembles the colour of the stone in the represented image on your order confirmation.

Metals too may vary in their colour between the represented images on screen and the actual item. We have made every attempt to represent the colour of the images as accurately as possible – any variations may be as a result of computer screen settings. Metal quality will not be impacted by this variation.

What kind of chain do you use?
We have sourced and tested a number of different kinds of chains to be used for pendants & necklaces. We have selected the snake chain at 1.35mm in diameter, as it’s strong enough to accommodate pendants at the end while remaining flexible. In the event that there are supply issues with this style of chain, we will replace it with a similar diameter and length ie: 1.5mm. ’This replacement chain will not materially impact the price of the item. We have also selected the ‘5 wires’ chain as an alternative option. Most chain have been fitted with a special flat clasp. 

What are the estimated delivery times?
We aim to deliver all stocked items within 3 to 7 business days.  We endeavor to deliver your  jewellery within the estimated time frame – If it appears that your item will be delayed, we will advise you as soon as we can.

Which countries do you ship to?
We ship within Australia and to  New Zealand.

All deliveries are trackable through our chosen delivery sources. We also provide tracking as part of the delivery costs.

What is the return policy?
We want all our customers to be delighted with the jewellery item they have created on the MelanO website. If, for any reason, you wish to return your item, you may do so long as it is in original condition, in its original packaging, purchased online and must be post-marked within 14 days of having received the goods. If you have changed your mind after purchasing earrings, due to hygiene
regulations we cannot offer you an exchange or refund. Proof of purchase is required for all Online returns and exchanges. 

You will need to send an email to info@melanocolours.com.au advising us of the item’s details; and return a copy of the same with your item. Please let us know your reason for a refund as this will help us improve our product or service. 

Your item must be packaged to prevent damage on the return voyage and shipping costs are non-refundable.

If you need an item of jewellery re sized, we will re size it at no charge to you as long as the item is returned within 7 days  in the way in which it was received having no visible signs of wear or tear. (include your contact & address details please)

AFTERPAY/PAY PAL If you have completed the sale via afterpay & PayPal you will receive a full refund less a 6% admin fee.

Return shipping costs are not covered.


MelanO Physical Gift Vouchers and E-Gift Cards

Can only be used for purchases at MelanO Online Store within Australia/New Zealand. MelanO Physical Gift Voucher and E-Gift Cards are NOT accepted at stockists. Your MelanO Gift Voucher or E-Gift Card is valid for 36 months from the date of issue. Please treat your MelanO Gift Voucher or E-Gift Card as cash, it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Physical Gift Vouchers – MelanO Physical Gift Vouchers can be posted directly to you or your loved ones Physical Gift Vouchers are posted to the recipient using standard Australia Post. Gift Vouchers may take up to seven business days to arrive. Actual delivery times are dependent on your local postal service.

 We would like to expressly point out that MelanO jewellery is not suitable for children younger than 8 years old. The (parts of) MelanO jewellery are too small and can lead to a choking hazard. MelanO jewellery is not a toy. We therefore recommend that you keep the jewellery away from children who do not meet this age limit at all times.