Melano interchangeable jewellery is made from materials that must be handled with care - 14ct gold and 14ct rose gold plated high grade stainless steel. To ensure your product remains in the best possible condition please store flat in original pouch or box.

Gently clean with a soft cloth and avoid contact with perfumes, soaps, hairspray and lotions as these could harm the stones, metal and discolour the plating. Remove jewellery prior to washing, swimming or exercising. Do not wear your jewellery while using detergents, bleach, ammonia, or rubbing alcohol.

The Interchangeable range uses a screw top with a rubber seal. The tops are supplied with a rubber seal but if you require spare rubber seals email us. Tops should be tight but not overtightened as this may damage the seal. We recommend checking the top is secure before each wear.

NOTE:   Our base metal is stainless steel. Do not use any cleaning products on MelanO Jewellery as it can damage the surface of the item causing streaking and discolouration to the plating.  Please do not use in chlorinated water.   MelanO have Collections  containing Stainless steel the base metal is plated in Rose Gold and Gold.  No nickel.  It doesn’t require cleaning, but if you must,  wipe gently with a soft clean jewellery cloth.

Plating –  PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is an innovative coating process, which undergoes a very high heat process ensuring a high quality outcome. PVD Coating equipment gives our plating a longer lifetime and a brilliant finish. Plating being exposed to light will oxidise over time. 

Twisted & Vivid Collections: Simply place the setting tops in the hole of the ring base and rotate in a clockwise direction to tighten. Regular checking that the top is securely fastened to the ring base is required due to daily activities, wear and tear. 

Cateye Collection:  Stirling Silver ring.

NOTE: When removing the gem ball or stone gently push down towards the centre of the ring.  To insert the ball do the reverse by pushing the ball gently from the inside of the ring upward – clicking into place. The Cateye ring is Sterling Silver 925 which is a soft metal. From time to time gently squeeze the opening section very slightly together which firms the ball in place.

Setting Tops consist Cubic Zirconia (CZ) crystal stones and Gem stones.

Regular checking that the top is securely fastened to the ring base is required due to daily activities, wear and tear. Do not over tighten the setting top as the black rubber may break. Black rubbers can be supplied free of charge on request. 

Remember, if you require any help we are always just a phone call away.  

02-841 11498